Saturday, June 6, 2009 2001-2006

At the beginning of 2001 I launched my first website

The first design was black and yellow and featured a chart with soundclips, gigs list and photos from events that I played at.

A year later and I launched a new look website which guest charts, house music news and gossip, competitions, mixes and guest mixes as well as linking to the 'Farris Forums'
What helped make my website successful was that I worked really hard at keeping the website content updated every few days so that people could hear all the great music that was about.

My website is still active although now features information relating to my photography.


Darren Giles said...

I loved these sites man, many a day i was there checking out the latest grooves from you Mr Farris.

Those were the days.


Mat Unwin said...

Loved that forum.

Any idea where everyone went after the sad closure? I went to defected briefly but it was never the same and now that's closed.

Or has everyone just grown up and moved on?

Hope all's well Paul - still dead proud of having my name on the sleeve (Reputable Mallard)!


Paul Farris said...

Hi Matt

"has everyone just grown up and moved on?".... yes, and got old!!

Lots of the old forum heads keep in touch via Facebook these days.

Best wishes


Mat Unwin said...

Too old? Give over...

How's the house scene over there Paul? There pretty much isn't one where i live (Yorkshire).

I'll check on facebook and see if i recognise anyone from the good old days on the forum.

Take care!