Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Radio shows and guest mixes

One of the greatest pleasures for me has always been sharing music that I love with others. I managed to do this by initially hosting small parties and later DJing around the globe.
I have also hosted a few radio shows over the years which is a great way to
reach a much wider audience.

Girls FM 106.8
I was given the opportunity to play on GirlsFm in 1996 which at the time was London's biggest pirate radio station. The studio was in a tower block in South London and I remember turning up with my records in a plastic bag as we weren't allowed record boxes or bags as we didn't want the neighbors to know what was going on! It was a shambolic studio run but was an immensely popular station and had a huge influence on the house music scene in central London and the suburbs.
Other DJ's included Huckleberry Finn, Kenny Hawkes, Luke Solomon

Ministry of Sound Radio / Defected in the House
After Ministry of Sound installed a radio studio in the office adjacent to the club I was offered the chance to present the weekly Defected in The House show on rotation with Alan Thompson.
The show was professionally produced and was my first opportunity to broadcast a high quality show with guest DJ's, interviews and more.

At the FourFour front
After Defected pulled the plus on their show I was asked to stay on with Ministry radio with my own weekly show. At the FourFour front was a two hour show featuring all the latest tracks that my our company (FourFour Promotions) was working on at the time as well as the favourite tracks I was featuring in my DJ sets. The show was also sometimes hosted by Joel Chapman who would cover for me and eventually took over the show.
Later on I recorded the show at my home studio and broadcast the mixes exclusively via my website Paul-Farris.com

Guest mixes
I was invited to perform guest mix on several shows over the years. Some were live some were pre-recorded and some I still have copies of on cassette or DAT so I'll upload them as I find them.

Paul Farris live on Danny Rampling LGDP BBC Radio1 18 Nov 2000 by paulfarris

Paul Farris live on Bobby & Steve show, Kiss FM (London) by paulfarris

Paul Farris - FourFour show live Ministry of Sound radio 20.12.04 (hour1) by paulfarris

Radio 1 - Danny Rampling LGDP show (broadcast 18th Nov 2000)
Kiss FM - Bobbi & Steve
Station One Italy
1Xtra FM (BBC) (Aaron Ross show)
Radio 1 - Dream Teem show

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mr windows said...

Paul ! how could you miss off your 1st (possibly) radio show !!! that freezing cold winters night in some church hall at the top of camberley broadcastin to us in the dingy room and 2 people in the car park, alledgedly