Thursday, September 10, 2009


Welcome to my blog.

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So what is this blog all about....?

Well in a word it's all about 'music'.

My love for music, and in particular my various exploits in the world of music. From working behind the counter of a record store selling tracks to playing tracks, producing tracks, promoting tracks and of course a ton of parties in between. If I met you along the way please leave a comment and say "Hi", otherwise I hope you find something interesting amongst the various ramblings!

Paul Farris

WANTED - Please share your clubbing photos and stories.


mr windows said...

blimey that ticket from capers brings back a few memorys of some good nights in camberley. i dont seem to remember gettin a ticket tho?

Paul Farris said...

You were probably on the guestlist Windows... I mean did you ever pay to get in a club that I was playing?

mr windows said...

not that i can remember. but i do recall havin to hump around heavy record boxes tho !!! occasionally :-)